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    Behavioural Assessment Engine

    Quantifying  human factors in cybersecurity.

    The biggest challenge in cybersecurity.

    Human factors are the biggest challenge in cybersecurity. Only 5% of organisations across the globe address human factors in their cybersecurity strategies1. Understanding human factors in cybersecurity is a challenge. It requires an understanding of cybersecurity, behavioural science and machine learning.

    How it works

    Our Behavioural Assessment Engine assesses an individual’s level of vulnerability to cybersecurity errors. The engine is based on decades of research in cybersecurity and behavioural science and has been designed by our experts in academia and industry. The Behavioural Assessment Engine uses a three-step process.


    We find the individual’s dType – a set of human factors that are unique to each person based on their demographics and use of digital technologies.


    We use the dType to identify the individual’s most common vulnerabilities.


    We use evidence-based models and innovative game-based tests to evaluate the level of vulnerability.


    Learn more about uses cases for our  Behaviour Assessment Engine for SMEs, in finance, in education and in industry.

    1The ISACA/CMMI Institute, Cybersecurity Culture Report: Narrowing the culture gap for better business results, 2018.