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Get in touch to request a demo of the Behavioural Assessment Engine and learn how we are able to quantify human factors in cybersecurity.

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    Analytics and dashboards that create insights about individuals and organisations.

    Understand your vulnerabilities and a build new cyberculture.

    CyDash enables chief information security officers to accurately identify their critical vulnerabilities within their organisations and enable critical decision making and shift organisational cyberculture. 

    By aggregating data from our TNK2 applications including CyEd and Upling, CyDash creates an intuitive all-in-one platform to help understand an organisation’s cyber vulnerabilities and take the first steps to address them. 

    How it works.


    Find the key human factors vulnerabilities in your organisation. 


    Tailored behavioural change recommendations to guide your organisation’s cyber strategy.


    Create customised reports within the CyDash dashboard to educate and inform stakeholders.