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    Next-generation cyber and data insurance for enterprises.

    Redefine the threats in cyber and data insurance.

    Current risk identification models do not accurately represent the assets and threats associated with cybersecurity. The majority of cyber insurance providers only classify physical assets even though data is one of a business’s most important assets. Many plans only cover technical threats, despite human vulnerabilities being the primary cause of cyber incidents. 

    $20 B+

    The worldwide cost of cyber insurance premiums by 2025.

    $7.8 B

    The size of the global cyber insurance market.


    The percentage of companies who purchase cyber insurance.

    TNK2 Research. 

    TNK2 partners with actuarial scientists and insurance experts to help build tools to that will create the next generation of risk models for cyber and data insurance.

    Risk Identification

    Quantifying individual and organisation cyber risk through our Behavioural Assessment Engine.

    Data Insurance

     Protecting organisations against loss of customer and confidential data.

    Human Factors Cover

    Developing insurance policies that are tailored to an organisation’s level of risk and compliance.