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Upling is a behavioural and cybersecurity assessment platform that provides personalised digital literacy learning content for Australian K12 schools.

A trusted cybersecurity and digital literacy education platform.

Children are increasingly living their lives online. The pandemic and its continuing effects have accelerated this. Being able to participate fully in society now requires high levels of digital literacy – whether that’s for learning, consuming news, forming and maintaining social relationships or preparing for the world of work. Upling provides an assessment of childrens’ digital vulnerabilities and education to address them.

4 M

Students enrolled in Australian K12 schools.1


The percentage of young people report being socially excluded, threatened or abused online.2


The percentage of teachers who feel they are ill-equipped to teach students about digital literacy and digital technologies.3

Why Upling?

Assessing digital literacy

Upling uses the TNK2 Behavioural Assessment Engine to assess students’ digital strengths and weaknesses. It combines behavioural profiling with assessment of attitudes and aptitudes.

Personalised learning

Upling provides customised learning based on the student’s age, use behaviour, personality factors and aptitude and uses gamification and nudge techniques to change behaviour,

School-wide data

Schools can access  data dashboards on student progress, along with content related to digital literacy and cybersecurity.

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2eSafety Commissioner, 2017.

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